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SOBER /ˈsəʊbə/

1. Not drunk 2. Serious, sensible, and solemn

"There is nothing a good bubble tea can't save."

Working hand-in-hand with Bober Tea, one of the few successful Singapore-brand bubble tea, our drinks are brewed with top-notch tea leaves and our tapioca pearls are made an hour before your event - ensuring that your drink remains fresh and pearls are of the correct consistency.

At Sober, we provide live stations for all kind of events whereby our guests get Sober before and for any event, in preparation to get drunk. We are very strict in terms of food handling and thus, it is a must for all of our staffs to attain NEA-Approved Food & Beverage Handling Certificate.

We allow customisations & love to know your ideas!

Services We Offer

Bubble Tea Live Station

Stickers Customisation


How Sober Do You Want To Get?

A-LIL Sober

(360 mℓ)


Ideal for weddings, parties and events whereby you do not want your guests to be too full for the food

Super Sober

(500 mℓ)

Standard Bubble Tea Size

Ideal for Corporate and deliveries whereby you want to indulge in a full-sized bubble tea

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